Traditional Painting

Nan has a fascination with the decorative arts; but before there was the incredibly small intimate porcelain jewelry, or the Objet D'art in the form of exquisite original paintings on porcelain boxes and vases, there was the fine art of Nan Kilgore Little. These are the paintings that hang upon the wall. There is no limit to size, but miniature paintings are a specialty. The work is mostly commissioned by patrons. On the rare occasion one does become available from the artist's collection.

Nan Kilgore Little studied with the best of the fine artists of the Maryland Institute of Fine Art in Baltimore. Nan's work is found in fine art collections around the world. Nan also exhibited in 2006 at the AKC Museum of the Dog and is an artist in the AKC Artist Registry. Her paintings have the same luminosity and life found in the smaller works. She actually captures the form, gesture and spirit of her subjects. Peruse the Miniature Painting gallery

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