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Use the Navbar to the left to move though the Studio. In addition to links the Navbar consolidates other bits of important information for you, like a PIM, kept conveniently close by, "floating" as you browse this site.

This site is organized in hierarchical sections like a tree. The menu will fly open to reveal pages with more specific information on the section's topic. The effect does not require JavaScript enabled in most modern browsers, but Microsoft's IE does. To assist IE users that have their JavaScript disabled, within the warning box I provide the next level up links, if there are any as shown below.

Problem Oops, JavaScript is Disabled! More information on why this is a problem with our site especially for IE users and for solutions.
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The menus buttons look this this Sample Button in the NavBar. They will glow Sample Button when you put your cursor over it. Little arrows Has Submenu Expand Submenu means there is a submenu with more specific information to browse. In the Banner at the top of the page there is a clickable breadcrumb showin how deep you are in the site. [Main Section > Sub Section > Sub Sub Section ]

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The Navbar other specail purpose buttons to help you at Little Works Studio. They can both take you to dedicated places on our site and convey important information.

If you have no items in My CollectionIf you have any items in My Collection The Treasure Chest conveys information about items you may have selected from the galleries. It will open with your mouse and glows and displays as message of the number of items in your collection. Clicking it is a shortcut to My Collection where you can manage the pieces before you buy and proceed to Checkout.

Will take you to the Site Map The Globe takes you to the Site Map with an overview of our site.

Will take you here The Question Mark in the glass sphere takes you directly to the help section.

Will take you to Little Works Studio Home The Home Button Takes you to the opening page of Little Works Studio.

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