No one could have conceived how the Internet would change our lives. For artists and collectors it has been a revolution, an indispensable resource and convenience in our modern world. We can share our talents and knowledge all over the world without having to leave the comforts of our homes. We are connected. You can add to this interconnection, if you have a site or someone else's site of interest that you have discovered and want to share, contact me, and we can swap links and add to this page and enhance the web.


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Arts on the Web

Go to AmKiLi Art
Designs and Original Works by Amelia K. Little our daughter's website of here original artwork

Dogs and other Animalia

Go to Amberlithe Ibizan Hounds
Amberlithe Ibizan Hounds our passion and Nan's devotion for 30 years, Now we have our own domain!
Go to Arbeca Ibizan Hounds
Arbeca Ibizan Hounds A touch of Spain in rural Delaware at
Borzoi Central
an online resource/web portal for Borzoi fanciers!
A wealth of information about dogs
New Puppy Help, Dog Breed Health, Dog Events, Fun Pages & much more...
HareHill Hounds home of america's top ibizan hounds
Luxor Ibizan Hounds
The fine Ibizan Hounds from Leslie Lucas
- Bunny (Ch. Luxor's Playmate Of The Year) BOB Westminster Kennel Club 2003 -
Tibetan Spaniel Network
The number one Internet source for Tibetan Spaniel breed information and connecting with Tibbie owners from around the world.
Yankee Pug Dog Club
The oldest Pug Dog club in New England
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