How Tos

The Gallery Search Tool

The Gallery Search Tool can help you locate specific pieces within our online galleries. There are three basic options for the tool. First is to select your breed in the Breed ID list and click Go. This will find all the pieces within the common galleries with that breed featured. Second is to add search words Search Words box. This option will ignore the breeds and search the titles and descriptions that contain those words. For example put brindle in the box and many different breeds may be found that have bridle coats such as Greyhounds, Boxers, French Bulldogs, etc. To limit the search further would be the third option is to select your breed and add search terms so the search would be restricted to only those pieces within the breed specified and with the search words in their title and descriptions. So in the previous example, now having the Breed ID on "Greyhounds" and "brindle" in the Search box then only brindle Greyhounds will be listed and not Boxers.

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Buying from the Online Galleries

Most of our work is made to order, but from time to time Nan can slip in a piece into the kiln to try out a new technique, explore a new breed, or satisfy an inspiration. The result means that you have an opportunity to browse though some items that are available right now!

If you click the Galleries button you can go to the Gallery Department page where there is a Search The Galleries box where you can limit your search a particular breed. The total number of pieces in the gallery or your selection is visible in the Statistics Bar. Also displays which page and set of items you are viewing. Navigate through the gallery selection by clicking the page numbers

Results: [1 to 10] of [45] items found with Search Words: "terrier"

The gallery lists each piece with a thumbnail and brief information on the media. Click on the thumbnail for more detail on a piece and larger image and where you can select the items for your Collection, (see Viewing Pieces in the Close Up Page). Of course with all one-of-a-kind work, once it is sold it is gone and the thumbnail will have a little red SOLD tag beside it. You can still click on it and see what you missed! Even if you miss a piece, or do not see exactly what you want, you can always make a custom order.

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Viewing Pieces in the Close Up Page

It is here where you can see a larger image and more detailed information of each piece in our galleries. You can also add or remove them from your collection, if they are still available. The page will indicate the available status of each piece.

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Managing Your Collection

All items that you have selected will be listed giving you an overview of what you have selected from the Galleries. You can modify your selection here. You can always reach the My Collection page any where in the studio by clicking the Treasure Chest icon on the floating NavBar or adding an item for the Close Up Page. Clicking Proceed to Checkout brings you to the secure server to our Checkout where you supply your payment information and the shipping and tax if applicable is calculated.

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Using Checkout

I have tried to make the process as safe and straight forward as possible. It is broken down into 5 simple steps. Checking and reviews are in the design to help you along the way and you can always backup to fix an error, so I hope it will put you to ease. Lastly, this form only collects information it is not automatically processes your order. It is a real human, that would be me, that reviews and processes your order, therefore if there are any problems I will contact you before your account is charged. Accuracy is very important and your satisfaction is paramount. Each step of the process it detailed below.

Patron Details

Basic contact information on where to ship your order. If your mailing address is a PO Box and you are in the USA, please also include a physical street address. For larger more fragile pieces shipping in the United States we prefer to use UPS. If it is a completely different address, or for Gift Orders, check the Special Shipping Request box on the next step, Order Information, and enter the shipping address there. See our Privacy Policy

Order Details

A review your order. If you have a different shipping address, or other shipping arrangements like Gift Orders, check the Special Shipping Request box and enter the address or other instructions below. You have to check the Special Shipping Request box to activate the box below. If you do make a Special Shipping Request your receipt message have a warning that additional shipping charges may apply. Unless you are shipping to a different country, or some other extraordinary circumstance, there will be no extra charge and you can ignore the message. On the rare occasion there are charges, I will contact you before your account is charged!

Payment Details

Select you payment type here. Please complete your order even if you are sending a check or money order. One reason is if it is a order from our Online Galleries, I will put a hold tag on the piece for 7 business days to wait for your payment to arrive and prevent someone else from making off with your prized piece! Another reason is if this is an eBay & Custom order, the process notifies me to expect your payment in the mail.

Review and check your Billing and Shipping address below. If you credit card's billing address is different, a PO Box or business address you can note it here. Also if this is a Gift Order you can put their address here. For international orders, sometimes your postal service has a different format than the USPS, you can make adjustments here. Please note note though, your country should be spelled in English.

Final Check

Just as you would expect this is a final check of your order. If you have made mistakes you can always go back and correct them. On international orders the shipping is based domestic US rates and will be noted next to the shipping charges. You will be notified in the amount before your account is charged if there is any change, (eBay international orders already include the additional charge and can ignore the warning). Special Shipping Request also produce the warning but are only applicable if the request is for Express Shipping or other extreme nature!

Only your order and payment information collection is automated. Your order is still processed by a real human being, me: Jonathan and if there are any questions about your order you will be contacted before your account is charged. Service is very important to us and your satisfaction is paramount! If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know. I am always trying to improve our website.

Thank You

The final step in the process, we thank you. The message will inform you that a confirmation email is forthcoming. If questions are involved we will promptly get back to you. If your order is for a portrait, you can easily send your images buy attaching them to a reply to that confirmation email. A one-step method of linking your images to your order!

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Mailing Your Payment

If you are mailing your payment please make it payable to either Jonathan N. Little or Nan Kilgore Little Mail your payment promptly to:

Jonathan N. Little
Nan Kilgore Little
Little Works Studio
766 Redbird Drive
Gladstone, VA 24553-3383

If this payment is for a gallery order, be sure to complete Checkout so that a hold will be put on the piece allowing 7 days for your payment and prevent someone else from acquiring it during that time.

If this payment is for on of our eBay auctions also complete Checkout or let me know that your payment will be in the mail. We pride ourselves on our prompt shipping so prompt payment means prompt shipping!

Your Billing Address

Our Merchant Credit Card Service uses the billing address of the card in the verification process. Your shipping address my differ from your billing address on your order. You may wish to ship to a third party for say gifts orders. or to your business so that your package will not be sitting in your mailbox or front porch at home.

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Your Shipping Address

We have found UPS works best for our larger more fragile pieces, like our Temple Jars and paintings. So please include your actually physical street (and house/apt number) with your mailing address in case we use UPS. For our jewelry pieces we prefer the USPS, so PO Boxes are not a problem.

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What is a Collector's Number?

We specialize in one-of-a-kind original work and not reproductions or series, so each piece is individually designed and created and not copied from a standardized image or design. The smaller collectable items, jewelry pieces, Objet D'art items and miniature paintings are register with a unique Collector's Number. It is recorded on the signed certificate that accompanies each piece and is recorded in our database. It provides provenance for your future heirloom. It is a serial number not a series number for example a Collector's Number of ckcs045 means the forty-fifth King Charles Cavalier that Nan has done. It maybe a brooch and the next ckcs046 may be a vase, (actually the real ckcs045 was a Standing Plaque and ckcs046 was a Porcelain Box).

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What is a RequestID and ProjectID?

Every order and inquiry is automatically assigned a RequestID when you use our Secure Inquiry & Custom Order Form, for example: L05A25R39. At the conclusion of order or inquiry you will be informed of the current RequestID and it will also be emailed to you. It can be found in our response email. You may not have one if you emailed us directly without using the online form, or if you called by phone.

Once we start your project I will assign a ProjectID, like j1234, and it will be on your invoice. Including either a RequestID or if your have one a ProjectID is not required but will help us both correlate your message with your project.

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