Our Online Art Galleries

Most of our work is made to order, but from time to time Nan can slip in a piece to try out a new technique, explore a new breed, or satisfy an inspiration. The result means that you have an opportunity to browse through some items that are available right now! There are thumbnails for each piece in the galleries. Click on the thumbnails for more detail on a piece and you can select items of interest and add to your collection. Of course with all one-of-a-kind work, once it is sold it is gone. You can always order something new with a custom order, it can be similar if you like but it will not be the same. We do not make reproductions.

We now have more than one gallery. We have separated the works into generalized categories, which is perfect if you are looking for a particular type of piece. Jewelry pieces will be found in the Jewelry Gallery and for the little treasures look in Objet D'Art. They are listed in the floating Navbar to the left. If you are looking for a specific breed, use the handy Gallery Search Tool box to search across all the galleries and serves to you your personal Special Select Gallery. The new Gallery Search Tool has expanded features. You can search by breed like select "Cavalier King Charles Spaniel" from the Breed ID list or further narrow your search with the word "Blenheim" to limit the search to Cavaliers with Blenheim in the description. If you love "window shopping" then click see it all!. If you do not have your breed or the exact item you are seeking, just make a custom order! Custom work is our specialty!

This is a good page to bookmark and check from time to time the items will change often. Also if you do not see something in particular, contact us and make a suggestion. We can do anything. A small green BUY by the thumbnail informs you of items in your My Collection. Click the thumbnail for enlarged image and to edit your selection, see Help Page for more help with the galleries. Thumbnails with a red SOLD beside them indicates sold items. You can click on it and see what you missed! We have just introduced a new tag, the HOLD tag that indicates someone has just requested to purchase that piece and their payment is pending. The gallery pieces are One-Of-A-Kind original artwork so hopefully that lucky person is you!

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